Lowongan Kerja HM Sampoerna – 5 Posisi

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Lowongan Kerja HM Sampoerna – 5 Posisi Terbaru | HM Sampoerna on this July 2013 offered you a chance to build up your career by joining a market leader in the tobacco industry, We Are !. We offer numerous on-the-job learning opportunities and structured career development designed to help you grow to your fullest potential. We offer competitive Compensation and Benefits programs to reward your performance and encourage further growth. You will work in a dynamic and fast paced work environment, where you can enjoy being part of a diverse and talented team.

The Job detail are below, please read carefully before apply !

1. QA Lead Auditor – Jawa Timur
Your Opportunities

  • You are responsible to prepare yearly internal & external audit schedule, manage all pre-audit activities and lead on-site assessments for both Factory & DIM supplier Quality Systems Audits. Prepare/ compile and provide reports to management as well as follow up action plans with the factories and/ or factories.

Your Qualifications

  • Hold a minimum Bachelor degree in Engineering/ science/ technical area
  • Experienced in handling varied projects simultaneously
  • Excellent in English, both written and verbal
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge in ISO 9001
  • Knowledge of ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and OHSAS 18001/SMK3


2. Internal Controls – Jakarta
Your Opportunities

  • You will be responsible to plan, organize and carry out the internal controls function including the preparation of audit plan, scheduling and assigning work and estimating resource needs. Conducting risk assessment of departments/functional areas in accordance with timelines is also your role and responsibilities.

Your Qualifications

  • Having minimum Bachelor Degree
  • Min. 3-5 years finance / audit experience including experience in an Audit or Internal Controls Department of a multinational and/or equivalent time in public accounting firm with exposure to multinational corporations
  • Strong auditing technical skills including ability to apply risk management principles
  • Demonstrate knowledge of finance, accounting and internal controls
  • Strong analytical skills, detail oriented and able to manage projects simultaneously
  • Having an effective communication skills
  • Computer Literate (Excel / Word / PowerPoint)
  • Fluent in English


3. IS Analyst Sales – Jakarta
Your Opportunities

  • You will be a part of very dynamic and global organization in providing SAP support and expertise worldwide. You will be responsible to understand the business requirements by analyzing and defining information and technical needs. This includes to design, build and deploy the IS solutions and services as well as providing maintenance and support for local and global IS system solutions in the area of SAP Sales and Distributions.

Your Qualifications

  • University degree major in Computer Sciences/ Information Systems
  • Having 2-5 years’ experience working in Information Services (in designing, developing and deploying systems)
  • Having 3-5 years’ experience in SAP Sales and Distributions and enriched by having the knowledge of Sales Business Process
  • Able to manage system changes
  • Having the experience in analyzing small scale business function and technical area
  • Experience in handling Project Management
  • Able to work with minimum guidance
  • Having a good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written)


4. Manager Fiscal Affairs – Jakarta
Your Opportunities

  • You will be responsible to develop and execute comprehensive fiscal strategies that support business objectives and at the same time limiting risk exposure to the business risk from opposite fiscal initiatives and leads. This is to include monitor political environment, developing alternative solution on Fiscal issues for internal/management discussion/approval, developing company position papers and maintaining productive relation with key decision makers and opinion leaders in fiscal fields.

Your Qualifications

  • Having minimum Bachelor Degree
  • Min. 5 years experiences in FMCG companies, especially in Sales / Marketing/ Finance department
  • Strong Analytical skills, especially in analyzing massive numerical data
  • Good interpersonal & communication skills
  • Excellent in English, both written and spoken and Computer literate
  • Knowledgeable about tobacco industry would be an advantage



5. Manager Regulatory Affairs – Jakarta
Your Opportunities

  • You will support & advise the Head of Regulatory Affairs & International Trade to develop, coordinate and implement comprehensive regulatory strategies that drive stability, predictability and business growth while limiting exposure to potential business risks through adverse regulatory proposals and initiatives. This includes coordinating with other member of the Corporate Affairs function to monitor and manage the relative and ongoing tobacco regulations in Indonesia and local or regional regulations. At the same time, You also will monitor political environment, anticipate legal and political changes, develop position papers reflecting company’s positions/recommendations on issues relevant to the business environment of the company, and maintain constructive relations with decision makers and opinion leaders.

Your Qualifications

  • Having minimum Bachelor Degree, major in Legal or Management, preferably with an MBA
  • Having deep knowledge about tobacco industry with exposure to tobacco regulations, compliance, government relations and well understand for its scientific and social issue
  • Having minimum 4 years experiences in Regulatory affairs/ Government relations/ Legal related areas will be an advantage
  • Skilled in managing research & strong data analysis
  • Good English (verbal and written) and Computer literate

Interested ? If you are confident enough and able to fulfill the responsible and requirements, please make registration for the position you want through the following link : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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