Lowongan Kerja Holcim Indonesia minimal SMK

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lowongan-kerja-pt-holcim-indonesia-tbkLowongan Kerja Holcim Indonesia minimal SMK | PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, in 2011, has receive a “Gold” Proper rating from the Ministry of Environment, the highest award in Indonesia for environmental and waste management and the second time the plant has achieved this result. Our Narogong Plant holds a Green PROPER Rating. The same year we have attained first place in the Green Industry Awards for the second year, and the Golden Flag occupational health and safety award for the third time consecutively.

Holcim Indonesia incorporated in 1971 with the name of PT Semen Cibinong and renamed with PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk since 2006. The Company supported by 2 plants located at Narogong – West Java, and Cilacap – Central Java, and a cement grinding station at Ciwandan, Banten. The Company’s cement production annual capacity is currently at 8.3 million tonnes. A third Holcim’s cement plant located in Tuban – East Java and scheduled to begin operations in 2013.

Holcim is one of the leading companies in Indonesia engaged in integrated cement manufacturers. The Company operated as a part of Holcim Group, one of the world largest cement manufacturing companies. Holcim Indonesia based in Jakarta and provided a fully integrated range of 10 cement types, concrete and aggregates.

Holcim is a pioneer and an innovator in Indonesia’s fast-developing cement sector, as the market for homes commercial buildings and infrastructure expands. We are the only provider of a fully integrated range of 10 cement types, concrete and aggregates. We are building a unique franchise, Solusi Rumah, to deliver complete, affordable housing solutions and upgrades, drawing on the skills of over 11,500 Holcim-trained masons, 399 franchisees as of
mid-2011 and a growing telesales presence.

Our products are sold in more than 15,000 retail stores across Indonesia. Holcim Beton was first to market with SpeedCrete®, a fast-setting concrete that slashes time on repair work to roads and developments, while our MiniMix phone service allows same-day ready-mixed concrete delivery; we were also first with mobile concrete batching plants.

Loker Holcim Indonesia

NR PQC Analyst – PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk
Responsibilities Scope of works:

  • Responsible for quality control of raw materials, in process materials and final products to support production process in achieving quality results as expected
  • Responsible for raw mix design and dust management to control the quality of in process material  and final product
  • Responsible for coordination with other teams such as quarry, production, and dispatch to give assurance of quality achievement during the process of cement production
  • Responsible for quality control of imported and exported clinker
  • Responsible for quality control during industrial trials
  • Responsible for Quality assurance of testing equipment such as repeatability of control samples
  • Responsible for taking representatives samples during process production
  • Responsible for documentation of samples during process production


  • Preferred Education : Minimum School of Chemical analyst
  • Experience :
    • Min 1 year in current position
    • 2-3 years’ experience in cement production
  • Preferred Experience :
    • Minimum 2 years experience in related job or as an analyst
  • Computer literacy : computer literacy & reporting/ data analysis
  • Language : Good in English both oral or written
  • Other qualification / skills :
    • Knowledge of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry operation and QCX principles
    • Understanding of cement specification from various standard (SNI, ASTM, BS,API)
    • Knowledge of cement manufacturing process, in particular the selection of raw materials, clinker and cement production process
    • Understanding of raw mix design principles
    • Good in communication and decision skills

Please submit your application via link below to apply

Sumber | Lowongan Kerja PT Holcim Indonesia  akan ditutup pada 10 October 2013.

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