Lowongan Kerja PT Petrosea Tbk

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Lowongan Kerja PT Petrosea Tbk  – Juli 2013 | PT Petrosea Tbk is an Indonesian National company with International Capabilities. Together with its holding company, PT Indika Energy Tbk, Petrosea is able to provide solutions in the total energy supply chain.


Petrosea understanding the demands of the industry and having the full suites of expertise in Engineering and project management in Indonesia, high-quality construction capabilities, ability to complete complex projects on schedule, local knowledge and focus on human capital management and development, enable us to provide consistent results and positions ourself to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers

With over 40 years of experience in Mining, Engineering and Construction, and Offshore Base Services, Petrosea is recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading contractors. Petrosea offers a unique and comprehensive array of services to the Indonesian Mining sector and we believe we are the only Indonesian company with the ability to deliver a complete ‘Pit to Port’ mining solution

Due to our rapid growth at present, we are currently taking applicants for below position:

Monitor, coordinate and review the implementation of company strategy for building, developing and maintaining company’s image both in internal and external public through effective use of all appropriate media in order to enhanced company’s excellent image to support the company target achievement.


  • Min bachelor degree in any disciplines
  • Min 5 (five) years experience in marketing / communication function
  • Good communication skills in English and Bahasa, both oral and written
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Willing to travel to all work location and project sites


  1. Monitor and coordinate the implementation of corporate branding standarisation including company profile, publication and all aspect of print production to ensure corporate branding are well implemented in all company’s aspects considered with cost effectiveness.
  2. Coordinate, manage and maintain the overall media relations (internal and external) for company and its programmes in order to enhance company image in internal and external.
  3. Initiate new tools such as the Annual Corp Comm Survey and responsible for the internal announcements within company in order to improve internal communications
  4. Coordinate and mantain company sponsorship and direct all paid advertising to ensure the delivery of a cost effective and appropriate annual advertising strategy within the agreed budget.
  5. Monitor and control company’s website / intranet activities to attract interests of the employees and external stakeholder in accessing the website.
  6. Represent the company at public functions as required (such as: attendance at opening nights, press launches, trade shows, public meetings and smilar events) and manage external communication events and initiate further improvements and/or new gathering format(s) to enhance company’s image in public.We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high caliber appointment.


Proactively support the Project Manager to plan, direct and control the Project to ensure all Project related activities are conducted SAFELY, to the required Petrosea standards, on time and ahead of budget, whilst fostering an atmosphere of Zero Incidents and Continuous Improvement to promote the ongoing success of Petrosea.


  1. Possess the potential to develop into a PTP Mine Project Manager
  2. Min. Bachelor degree in mining or sufficient experience to provide the necessary expertise
  3. Holder of POM (minimum) / POU (preferred)
  4. Min. ten years previous experience in supervising mining operations (production) and a demonstrable understanding of sound mining practices and mining equipment.
  5. Min. five years in managerial position on a mining project
  6. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English, written and verbal
  7. Good computer skills, familiar with mining and mine planning software
  8. Good communication and strong leadership skills
  9. Ability to work in a Team environment under pressure
  10. Willing to be placed in any company location. Able to work in a remote location on Roster arrangements
  11. Ability to understand and protect PTP’s commercial interests
  12. Good understanding of Mine infrastructure requirements
  13. Willing to be placed in any Company location and to work flexible hours to meet Project requirement.


  1. Direct responsibility for Engineering and Production operations on the Project. DPM shall direct and control all Engineering and Production functions on Site to optimise production, utilisation and cost for all mining operations on Site, without sacrificing safety or standards of work.
  2. Review and coordinate all mine planning activities with Client personnel
  3. Foster a culture of Zero Incidents and Continuous Improvements. DPM is responsible for safety within the mining areas of the Project.
  4. Assume responsibilities and authorities of the PM during PM absence.
  5. Proactively support the Project Manager in maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs and conformance to official standards and requirements.
  6. In coordination with the PM, allocate, manage and optimise resources (including personnel) to maximise returns and ensure continuity of operations.
  7. Plan and control water management activities to ensure minimal interuptions to mining.
  8. Support PM with the mobilisation and establishment of the Project, including any fleet and infrastructure expansion that may be required during the Project (including the buildup of personnel in accordance with approved organisation charts).
  9. Actively support the PM in the control and management of the Workforce, including training and maximisation of local employment.
  10. The DPM should assist in the preparation and review of Inductions, Training material, Standard Operating Procedures and similar material to maximise the effectiveness of the Workforce.
  11. The DPM should also participate in the presentation of materials and the assessment of employees.
  12. Preparation and implementation of Project Budgets and Forecasts in conjunction with the PM.
  13. Coordinate subcontract activities to ensure that they will support the achievement of Project aims and the support of Project objectives.
  14. Manage the preparation of Claims, Variations, Monthly Reports and documentation related to disputes with Client / Suppliers. Support PM as required in any negotiations with Client / Suppliers.
  15. Manage all statutory permits and approvals as required to proceed with the Project and ensure all permits and formalities are complete and valid.
  16. Support the PM in the implementation and recording of Strategic Initiatives
  17. Assist PM to establish, maintain and manage all stakeholders interests to ensure harmonious and cooperative relationships in industrial relations and community relations in all aspects of the project.
  18. Support the PM in any other way deemed beneficial to the Project or the ongoing success of PTP. The PM may assign additional responsibilities within the limits of Company Policy.
  19. Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


Responsible for day today operation in terms of managing the mining business line activities in order to achieve the targets as defined by the company from time to time.


  • Bachelor degree in Mining or Civil engineering from reputable local university / overseas
  • Minimum 15 years professional experience in related field, out of which 5 years in senior managerial position
  • Managerial skill, maturity with strong in leadership capability
  • Exposure on variety of Mining disciplines
  • Demonstrated effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Good leadership and ability to maintain budget
  • Work extended hours to meet the deadlines
  • Required to travel to site


  1. Provide an overall leadership role for the mining business line and contribute to the ongoing growth of the company as a key member of the senior management
  2. Manage all mining and processing activities, providing top quartile result in production, cost control and safety performance.
  3. Create a culture of commitment, cooperation, continuous communication that will result in a mine management philosophy committed to excellence.
  4. Ensure all site activities are carried out according to government regulations/permits and the contract scope of work.
  5. Foster community relations excellence for the mine and in the areas adjacent to the project.
  6. Responsible for the development and implementation of operating plans and budgets for the business line to ensure the achievement of financial operation effectiveness.
  7. Report on performance and result to the BOD to report profit loss against budget.
  8. Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


(Placement: Jakarta)
Provide professional advice in the field of Geotechnics to ensure efficient project delivery to internal and external clients, which involves a focus on analytical analysis and reporting for geotechnical design works including slope stability, foundations, retaining structures and ground improvements.


  1. Min Bachelor degree of Geotechnical Engineering from a reputable university.
  2. Min 2 (two) years working experience in related position in Mining Industry.
  3. Good knowledge of rock slope engineering, underground openings, slope stability and retaining walls.
  4. Good technical writing skills and contractual awareness
  5. Good interpersonal skills.
  6. Fluent in English and Bahasa, both oral and written.
  7. Willing to be placed in Site Project and travel to others as requested.
  8. Required to work flexible hours to meet project deadlines.


  1. Prepare engineering calculations, reports and specifications for foundations to structures including:
    • Soil interpretation from geotechnical reports
    • Pile axial capacity and drivability
    • Pile installation studies including stick-up checks
    • Pile driving and in-place fatigue assessment
    • Pile sleeve grouted connection design
  2. Mud mat bearing/sliding capacity, settlement, skirt penetration and on-bottom stability analyses
  3. Prepare data files, performing analyses and post-processing of data from structural analysis programs.
  4. Provide routine support duties in all exploration functions including creation of cross-sections, digitized maps, PowerPoint slides, montages, charts and reports as required.
  5. Gather and analyze data from internal and external databases to support geoscience efforts.
  6. Coordinate geologic data on company and partner drilling wells, including interfacing with vendors to assure data is provided in a timely and accurate fashion.
  7. File, retrieve, create and maintain geological data (including Paleo Tops data).
  8. Load and update well data and well locations in existing databases using appropriate software.
  9. Generate and compile information required for government regulatory compliance.
  10. Assist with the generation and compilation of team presentation materials.
  11. Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages
  12. Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements



  • Engineer, monitor, control and supervise all water management works, produce accurate and complex engineering and cost calculations of dewatering and documents to ensure all output are accurate, consistent and in timely manner conform with international Engineering and Safety Standards and codes.


  1. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering
  2. Min. 7 years experiences in Mining Engineering, specialist in Water Management (Dewatering) or Fluids Mechanics Engineering (pumping of other Fluids).
  3. Work extended hours to meet Engineering deadlines
  4. Familiar with Civil Engineering Software


  1. Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the operation phase of the work packages and implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan.
  2. Monitor and review all water management work and document to ensure all work adheres to international Engineering standards and codes as well as company’s management system.
  3. Operate and control water management software packages and evaluate output to suggesting changes and improvement where needed.
  4. Responsible for pump & pipe analysis to make recommendations to match the different Mine Site applications.
  5. Responsible for the complete design of each Petrosea Mine site Water site Management Plan.
  6. Responsible to work with our PTP Site engineering teams and clients for approval of Water Management Plans including the timely issuing of permits, compensation for sedimentation dams.
  7. Provide technical support and technical guidance to associate engineer and personnel in order to conduct transfer of knowledge.

Please submit your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email subject to :

recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com (in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb)

Lowongan Kerja PT Petrosea Tbk  – Juli 2013 | Closing date : 29 July 2013

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